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craft beer and craft crafts.

This quarter’s Crafty Lady Night was at a brewery! We enjoyed craft beers and craft crafts! This time we made yarn wrapped plant hangers and keychains. This is a great project for on the go, and you don’t need that many materials. Plus, it’s a fun gift idea. Try it out and let me know what you think! Here’s the how-to for the plant holders: Materials: cotton cord, ring, assorted yarn, scissors Cut at least 4 strands of cord, 5 feet in length. Fold all cords in half and place a ring at the midpoint (or tie an overhand knot). Start with a foot of yarn. Fold yarn so there is a U with one short and one long end. Hold the strands securely on the cord and begin wrapping the cords with the long end of yarn. Wrap starting from the loose yarn end and ‘up’ towards the bottom of the U. Place the long end through the bottom of the U. Hold the long end securely as you pull on the short end …

make and play diy: halloween edition.

Kellie from Make and Play DIY took my himmeli pomtass workshop at Craftcation 2019 and was inspired to create a Halloween themed kit for her subscribers. She asked me to help with the project, so I got my nails done and started filming! I had recently purchased a camera holder so I was excited for this opportunity to film a DIY. Kellie sent over lots of materials for me to play and experiment with before finalizing the project details: yarn, straws, felt, markers, a sewing kit, … I created two himmeli pomtass project variations. Here’s the first: Howl at the Moon. For this project I used yarn, a pom pom and tassel maker, paper scissors, fabric scissors, embroidery floss, a craft needle, a sewing needle, a tray, a ruler, four paper straws, and four wolf die cuts. My second variation: Caged Bird. For this project I used yarn, a pom pom and tassel maker, paper scissors, fabric scissors, embroidery floss, a craft needle, a sewing needle, a tray, a ruler, twelve paper straws, and one …

yarn wrap.

A cozy yarn craft for Fall! Materials: Wood ornament wreath – You can also wrap letter ornaments. Assorted yarn – Try a variety of colors and textures. Scissors Craft needle I removed the hanging string so I could wrap the entire ornament. Begin by tying a double knot. Trim the tail to less than an inch. Begin wrapping, keeping the wraps close together. I wrapped over the yarn tail to hide it. Overlap yarn to completely cover the ornament. Once you’re ready to switch colors, tie the first and second yarn ends to each other with an overhand knot. Continue wrapping, again wrapping over the yarn tails. You can “go back” and overlap the wraps to cover any gaps. Shortcut/style choice: double up the yarn and wrap two strands at the same time. Once you’ve wrapped the entire ornament (you can also partially wrap the ornament – it’s up to you!) use a craft needle to assist with tying a double knot. Then sew in the loose tail into a few of the yarn wraps …

macrame feather leaves.

I’ve been seeing these feathery leaf rope things on the interwebs and I am obsessed! After some trial and error with rope and knots, I finally figured it out. Materials Single strand cotton rope (this kind of rope unravels nicely) Comb Scissors Instructions Cut one piece of rope 24″ in length. Fold in half and tie an overhand knot close to the top. This will be the hanging loop. Cut 28 pieces of rope 12″ in length. Create reef knots along the main rope. Fold a 12″ piece of rope in half. Place underneath the main rope. Place a second 12″ rope folded in half on top of the main rope in the opposite direction. Place the top folded rope ends into the bottom rope loop; place the bottom rope loops up through the top rope loop. Tighten. Secure by pulling the top two ropes at the same time; pull the bottom two ropes at the same time. Push the knot up. Repeat, alternating the direction of the bottom and top ropes, until you have …

i heart you.

For all you lovers: watercolor hearts! Here’s a simple Love Day DIY! Materials: watercolor paint watercolor paper paint brush water scissors brush pens Brush water directly onto paper in a heart shape. Drop or brush on some paint while the paper is wet. Drop or brush on another color if you want colors to blend. Allow to dry. You can keep your watercolor hearts as is (I intentionally started with postcard size paper in case I wanted to use some as notecards), or cut out the heart shapes. I personalized some of the hearts for Galentine’s gifts. These would be fun as treat labels, too, for a Valentine’s parrrtay. Yay!

tiny trees.

Happy Christmas season! We had a mini Christmas tree decorating contest at work. My coworker gifted us with tiny brush trees and challenged us to decorate them for Christmas. I raided my craft supply stash for some mini tree decor inspiration. I gathered seed beads in pinks, felt, and snowflake confetti. I started with a garland of beads. Then I made a tree skirt out of felt and snowflake confetti. I added another garland. And finally some tiny bells. My coworkers decorated with a Feed the Fish co sticker, pushpins (so clever and functional!), a skateboard, and buttons. When it came to judging…Basically, I won. 😂 Thanks to my coworker Monise for this fun idea! I might need to recycle this project for next year, too.

holiday crafternoon.

Let’s get into Mischief! Holiday Crafternoon at Mischief was a huge success. I wish we counted how many crafters came through to our DIY stations – that would have been good business stats. 😉 My friend Tally Sue and I set up two crafty stations in the studio space. She led the felt candy cane mouse craft and I led the paper ornament craft. It was a colorful mess! Carolers came, too! And Santa – I ran away. (Santa IRL is not my cup of tea.) Mischief also set up a hot cocoa bar for all. It’s super impressive to see a kid create a hot cocoa concoction and then consume it all. I mean, they put everything on there – whipped cream, sprinkles, hella marshmallows…. All. The. Toppings. Thank you to Mischief for always inviting me back for more crafty fun! What kinds of crafty holiday fun are you getting your hands on this season? Share below!