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egg hunt: succulents.

I’m sticking with a plant theme for this year’s egg hunt (Did you catch the first one?). Egg #2 for 2020 is a succulent Easter egg! You might remember my cactus eggs from last year; this one is a total felt upgrade! For this craft you will need: Plastic eggs Felt in succulent colors, plus flower colors of choice Fabric scissors Hot glue Cut out succulent leaves. I like to cut out rectangles and cut the shape out two at a time. Succulent leaves can take on any shape; I went with teardrops in different sizes. You will need between 18-30 leaves for each egg, depending on how many rows of leaves you want, and how far apart you space each leaf. For a fuller succulent, use more leaves. Begin glueing on the smaller leaves to the top of the egg, and work your way to the larger leaves. Add hot glue to the bottom of a leaf and attach to the egg. Create one row of leaves around the egg by overlapping leaves. Add …

egg hunt: roses.

Yay! You found the first of my hidden Easter egg crafts! For this Easter egg, I was going for tulips, but couldn’t get the petals to sit right on the shape of egg, so I went with more of a rose look, sans thorns. For this craft you will need: Plastic eggs Felt in rose colors of choice plus green Floral wire Fabric scissors Hot glue Pliers x2 (optional) Cut rose petal shapes; you’ll need between 12-18 petals for each egg, depending on the size of the egg and how far apart you decide to space your petals. Petals for each egg should be about the height of your eggs; they don’t need to be exactly the same size. Begin gluing petals to the top half of the egg with a little petal overhang onto the bottom half of the egg. Add a line of glue to the petal and attach to the egg. Make sure glue only touches the top half of the egg or else the egg will get glued shut. Keep adding …

ring dishes.

For our fifth annual Hearts and Crafts Valentine’s celebration at work we made ring/catch all dishes out of air dry clay. We celebrated early to allow the air dry clay to dry in time for Valentine’s day gifting. To set the crafty mood, we decorated with paper fans and honeycombs, a felt ball garland, and heart balloons (leftover from Hubby’s tennis bday!). My friend and I made a snack plate and guests brought additional goodies to share. All set up for the craft! I also made kits for my coworkers who were out sick (it’s flu season!). Look at all the fun creations my coworkers made! Someone even made a rat (for Lunar New Year)! Here’s the how-to for the marbled effect. You will need: air dry clay, hard surface, parchment paper, circle shape guide and Xacto knife (or cookie cutters), rolling pin or glass jar, paint markers, decoupage glue and brush (optional), and stamps (optional). I explored the interwebs for the best air dry clay and found Maqaroon’s super helpful air dry comparison video. …

mini envelopes.

Valentine’s is just around the corner. Here’s a super quick paper envelope DIY for the occasion (or any occasion!). For this craft you will need: paper, paper cutter, bone folding tool (or similar), and glue. Cut paper into a square, any size works. I cut out 5″ squares to form ~3.5″ by 2″ envelopes. Fold paper in half diagonally, open, fold in half diagonally the other way, and open. This creates guidelines. Use a bone folder to create crisp lines. Fold the left and right corners into the midline. Fold the bottom corner up, not quite to the midline. Fold the bottom ‘corners’ up, aligning the edges with the tip of the bottom corner. Add glue to the left and right flaps. Fold up to seal. Write a mini note. Fold the top flap to complete the envelope. Optional: add stickers or other decor to your envelope. Review! Happy Valentine’s crafting!


I came across these heart shaped grapevine wreaths – so cute! I usually use grapevine wreaths in my felt workshops, so I wanted to see if I could decorate a wreath with non-felt supplies. I chose paper! For this project you will need: Heart shaped grapevine wreaths Scrapbook paper with fun designs that you can cut out Paper scissors Hot glue String I went through my scrapbook paper stash to see if I had any designs I could use. I decided on cutting out flowers. Cut as many designs as you want to fill the wreath and use hot glue to adhere. Careful! You can really feel the heat of the glue through the paper. I filled most of the wreath with paper flowers, and overlapped flowers in some areas. Then added a string for hanging. A super simple craft with a big impact! How cute would these be on each door of your home! What have you been crafting for Valentine’s? Share below.


More weaving with shapes! Vilasinee of The Loome also came out with a lip weaving tool. She’s so sweet; she included one in my order when I bought the rainbow tool. I thought these would be perfect for love day gifting. For this weaving project you will need: the Loome lip tool, yarn (at least two colors), non-stretchy cord, scissors, and a craft needle. The full weaving tutorial can be found on The Loome. Protips: Use two colors – one for the lips and one for the lipline. And make sure to pull the warp tight to get the Cupid’s bow on top. I finished my weavings by adding a hanging string with hot glue and sewing on a pomtass. I went a lil crazy with the color combos, but I’m into it! All together now! Hope your Valentine’s crafting is off to a colorful start!

ready, set, baby.

Baby shower alert! I co-hosted a baby shower for my coworker Kyle and his wife Stephanie. They are both avid runners so we went with a half marathon theme. The Party Planning Committee (what Kyle now calls Parties by Erin) went to town on details! Registration, Waiver, and Bib Pick-Up Upon arrival to the party, I greeted guests and asked them to sign the baby shower waiver. It read “I understand the Party Planning Committee is not responsible for any crafting injuries (including hot iron burns or paper cuts) or excessive carb loading (:ahem: sugar consumption). I will Baby Shower responsibly.” Upon signing, guests could pick up their race bib (actually a baby bib) for the craft. Snack, Banana, and Hydration Stations I made flags to indicate the registration / sign-in area, snacks and bananas stations, and the hydration station. We made the event a snack potluck. People brought fruits, veggies, hummus, cookies, chocolate, dolmas, ice cream – so many things! And we had a soda stream to make fun bubble water. Running Signs I …