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bunny butts. 

A pom pom DIY for Spring! Materials and tools: Cardstock Yarn Hole punch Paper scissors Pom pom maker (I like using the Loome tools. You can also use a fork or make your own out of cardboard.) Fabric scissors Make a pom pom: wrap yarn around your tool, tie tightly around middle with a separate piece of yarn (it’ll resemble a donut, sort of), cut the loops (a fuzzy ball!), and give it a hair cut (don’t be shy; cut a lot!). Make sure to leave the tie yarn long. Cut a bunny shape and punch two holes to attach the pom pom. Tie on a pom pom. Bunny butts! These make cute table settings or Easter basket notes, or a fun surprise for your favorite bunny fan. Try it with different colored paper and yarn, too. Happy making! 

sticker pumpkins!

Decorating pumpkins with stickers is a less mess, more color, less spooky, more cute kind of Halloween craft. All you need are stickers and pumpkins. Select pumpkins in any shape and size but note that pumpkins with some flat surfaces may work better with stickers. I love using these enamel dot and rhinestone stickers. The enamel dots come in an assortment of colors, often already in a fun color palette! Place stickers however you like! Make patterns or make it random. Mix and match and spread the mini pumpkins all over! Pumpkin decorating versus pumpkin carving. What’s your preference? Share below! 


This summer I made it my goal to learn new skills and techniques. First on said list: macramé. I found a macramé plant hanger class on Verlocal taught by You’re Crafty owner Elizabeth. She has a great studio space at Sew Op in San Francisco. It’s an awesomely decorated and inspiring space to create. I invited my friend Aileen to join me. The class itself was pretty much a private lesson with us two plus one other student, which was great because I always have questions. So many questions. Elizabeth walked us through each step. It’s definitely a time consuming craft, especially if you use thin cord, but it’s worth it in the end, especially when you use fun beads to accent your piece! Tahdah! Now I just need to find a cute plant to match. What was on your summer crafting list? Share below!

something blue.

My baker friend Mollie got married this year, too (the one who made my after wedding brunch treats!) and she asked me to host a paper flower bouquet workshop for her and her brides ladies to prep for the big day. The honor was all mine! Mollie made a bouquet of paper flowers in hues of blue; her ladies made giant crepe paper blooms. There were also delicious snacks and a curious kitten! The lovelies with their lovelies:  Congratulations Mollie and Ben!

golden dishes.

I was in the market for a ring dish, but I thought hey, why not make my own? Here’s what ended up happening… Materials & tools: Decoupage glue – Art Minds is my favorite brand (from Michaels) Contact paper – I chose gold. (Remember when I made my treat containers?) Dishes – Surprise! I found these in the kitchen section of Ranch 99. Scissors Foam brush How to: Cut out shapes. Try triangles, squares, lines… Peel the protective coating off the contact paper and stick onto dish. Apply an even coat of decoupage glue. Allow to dry. Repeat. Simple shapes make these jewelry dishes look real fancy. I like the Art Minds decoupage glue brand over other brands because it’s more matte and not sticky feeling when it dries. Tahdah! A place for my rings to live for when I’m not suppose to wear them. Now you try! 🙂  

lighten up!

My friend Joy teaches soy candle making classes and I finally got to join in on the fun. You may recognize Joy from my Leap Day post. She’s the lady behind Lighten Up Shoppe, candle lady extraordinaire! Class was held at Workshop SF, a DIY studio based in the NOPA of San Francisco. You can come here to learn sewing, flower arranging, gardening, pickling, and so much more. We started class with introductions and then Joy gave a detailed how to. We went over all of the supplies and why we would pick one supply over another, and then we got to planning and making our custom candles. There were a number of essential oils, fragrances, and dried botanicals to scent our candles. Choosing our favorite combinations was the hard part. We fixed our wicks at the bottom of the jars, mixed our scents with the melted soy wax and poured. For my first candle I used a honeydew and pear  scent and topped my candle with rose petals. For my second candle I mixed blood orange, …


My one requirement for our wedding: it needed to be outdoors! We decided on a park wedding and we were in the market to rent some benches for the ceremony. Unfortunately, all the seating we saw was not so good looking or expensive (or both!). So, the now Hubs decided we should build our own benches. And build he did! We found a tutorial on Homemade by Carmona and used it as a guide for our benches. He sawed, sand papered, wood burned, stained, painted, sealed, nailed… I ate hot dogs. Oh, and this was the perfect reason to start building our power tool collection. (Insert tool drool here.) Talk about middle school woodshop skills put to good use. (Thanks Bonita Vista Middle School!) Hubs made six benches to accommodate 24 guests. Some of our guests loved them so much they even asked if they could have them as their wedding souvenir. Photo by Ngoc M. Nguyen I love me some power tools. What should our next project be? Matching farm table? Share your woodworking stories below!