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put a heart on it!

Hearts for all! I found these super cute crocheted pouches at a craft swap. I snagged a bunch and I had been using them as goody bag pouches for my crafty workshops. With the remaining ones I’m adding a heart and calling it a Valentine’s craft! So easy; so cute! I cut up some hearts out of felt, then hot glued them onto the pouches. AHH, can’t wait to gift these with some sweet treats inside. What are you crafting up for Valentine’s this year? Share below. 

garcia garden.

My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this week! 🙂 Through the years their home has gained the reputation of the “party house” because there is always good food, welcoming arms, and this glorious garden full of blooms, fruits & veggies, and love. Here is a peek at the garden I grew up in. I had my 18th birthday bash here, my parents renewed their vows here on multiple anniversaries, we’ve spent many nights BBQing here or having weekend brunch. It’s all good times in the Garcia Garden. There are also guavas, avocados, oranges, persimmon, numerous herbs, succulents, lemons, limes, calamansi, peppers… Sometimes there’s squash, avocado, loquat. It’s always changing and ever growing. When I grow up, I want to have a garden like my parents. 😉 What grows in your garden? Share below!

lost partner.

Don’t cry; this post isn’t as sad as the name implies. I’m talking about lost earrings. Ok, so maybe it is a little sad when you lose one of your earrings, especially if it’s one of your favorites, had sentimental value, or was just really expensive, but I’ve got solutions for you to bring new life to your orphaned jewelry, especially if the piece is irreplaceable. 1. Wear it anyway! Who says earrings have to match? 2. Use them as push pins! You read that right. Here are some orphaned earrings I inherited from a friend. They were too nice to get rid of, so I pushed one into a cork board and BOOM they became push pins. No crafty gene required in this upcycling project. Just remove the earring backing and you’re done. You’re going to have the classiest cork board ever. Now, don’t go losing earrings on purpose now. If you want to start an earring push pin collection you can also make your own. Grab some earring backings, adornments (cabochons, buttons, etc), …

t-shirt dress.

T-shirts – I’m not a big fan because I have sweaty armpits. No really, I sweat pretty easily. Sleeveless numbers and cardigans are my preference – my arms stay warm but my pits can air out should it get a little hot. Now, loose t-shirts I can get into, mostly for pajama wearing, but also for DIY-ing. Here’s a shirt I found while at Sticky Art Lab one afternoon. It was the last XL shirt and as soon as I saw it I said “This can be a dress.” My friend, an avid sewer, looked at me and said “It CAN be” and we gave each other another look like we were thinking the same thing. We were. We scheduled a time to meet up for a craft night — t-shirt dress edition. Now, I’m a bit hesitant to have people in my bubble. In this case, for body measurements. It’s just a weird feeling for me, much like disrobing for your lady doctor (Do it, Ladies! It saves lives!) or masseuse (Also do this because massages are …