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lost partner.

Don’t cry; this post isn’t as sad as the name implies. I’m talking about lost earrings. Ok, so maybe it is a little sad when you lose one of your earrings, especially if it’s one of your favorites, had sentimental value, or was just really expensive, but I’ve got solutions for you to bring new life to your orphaned jewelry, especially if the piece is irreplaceable.

1. Wear it anyway! Who says earrings have to match?
2. Use them as push pins! You read that right.

orphaned earrings.

Here are some orphaned earrings I inherited from a friend. They were too nice to get rid of, so I pushed one into a cork board and BOOM they became push pins. No crafty gene required in this upcycling project. Just remove the earring backing and you’re done. You’re going to have the classiest cork board ever.

cork board.

Now, don’t go losing earrings on purpose now. If you want to start an earring push pin collection you can also make your own. Grab some earring backings, adornments (cabochons, buttons, etc), and glue, and create your own “orphaned” earrings.

Share your upcycled and/or new pieces on Instagram and tag @crafterateur for a feature!

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