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t-shirt dress.

T-shirts – I’m not a big fan because I have sweaty armpits. No really, I sweat pretty easily. Sleeveless numbers and cardigans are my preference – my arms stay warm but my pits can air out should it get a little hot. Now, loose t-shirts I can get into, mostly for pajama wearing, but also for DIY-ing.


Here’s a shirt I found while at Sticky Art Lab one afternoon. It was the last XL shirt and as soon as I saw it I said “This can be a dress.” My friend, an avid sewer, looked at me and said “It CAN be” and we gave each other another look like we were thinking the same thing. We were. We scheduled a time to meet up for a craft night — t-shirt dress edition.

Now, I’m a bit hesitant to have people in my bubble. In this case, for body measurements. It’s just a weird feeling for me, much like disrobing for your lady doctor (Do it, Ladies! It saves lives!) or masseuse (Also do this because massages are good for your well-being.), but sometimes it just has to be done. I suppose it’s less weird among good friends though, and if it’s in the name of crafts.

tools of the trade.

My crafty lady friend of Tables & Spoons whipped out her tools of the trade and we got to work. Or, you know, she got to work and I asked a lot of questions. She chopped off the arms, took in the sides to be more form fitting, and created a v-back. It was her first time working with knit material so it was a commemorative evening.

I later added finishing touches – some loops on the back for tying on interchangeable ribbons. I also picked up some colorful leggings to brighten up my ensemble. Other than the fact that I need to work on my back modeling skills, what do you think?

What types of clothing have you upcycled? Comment below.  


    • Thanks Linda! I had been looking for tights for a while – I wanted them to fit the fun atmosphere of Sticky Art Lab and to inspire creativity. 🙂 Target for the win!

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