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Turn fabric swatches into holiday art!

We were semi in the market for a couch upgrade so I requested a fabric swatch pack from JoyBird. In the end, we decided to wait until we really needed a new one / moved to a bigger space, but then I was left with these perfectly cut square fabrics – ahem, unexpected craft supplies!

For this holiday garland you will need fabric swatches, fabric scissors, a needle, and nylon cord (find it at jewelry/bead stores).

Anything goes with this craft. I made a ‘thankful’ word garland and cut out some flag shapes. For the A (or any letter with a hole in it), fold the fabric and cut a slit before cutting out the hole. Fabric swatches are great because they don’t fray; no finishing required! Plus, they come in so many colors and textures; so fun!

Then I sewed each piece onto cord. It you’re using thicker cord or other string, you may need to use a fabric punch first to create holes. These garlands are light enough to hang on your wall with washi tape. Or you can lay them out on a tablescape.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for being able to live a creative lifestyle and also for a day off to spend with loved ones! 🙂 Hope you’re celebrating in your favorite ways!

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