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diy kits.

Some of my ‘vending at craft shows’ energy has been put into creating DIY kits for easy gifting and crafting. In all my years of designing workshops, I had yet to design a kit! I have released three new kits since April and I’m so excited for all of them. Check them out and tell me what you think! #1 Aloha Felt Flower Clips First to launch were my Aloha Felt Flower Clips. These were very much inspired by my hula days. I loved all of the floral and leafy head pieces I got to wear during performances. These are a great everyday alternative to my felt flower crowns, and it makes for a simple, quick, fun, and beautiful DIY. I had blue bags in my packaging stash so I designed the kit to fit the bags. I developed step by step instructions, and figured out how to create a compact felt stack both to fit the bag and to allow for lots of color options for the clips. Packaging everything up is definitely my …

ice ice baby.

My friend Rebecca of Oodlebadoodle released ice dye kits last month. Remember when I ice dyed with Rebecca at Craftcation 2019? So magical! I bought a few kits to try with my fam, and we scheduled a Mom’s Day virtual hangout. My Sister chose the Mushroom in the Mist color palette: sapphire blue, glacial blue, shiitake mushroom, tangerine, and mist grey. I picked out the the Playful in Palm Springs pack for my Mom (scarlet, rust brown, palomino gold, terra cotta, and moss green) and Snorkel in San Juan for myself (Caribbean blue, coral pink, emerald green, powder pink, and ecru). Each color palette is carefully curated by Rebecca. Here’s my kit: The ice dye kit comes with step by step instructions and links to ice dye project inspiration. It also comes with a fabric swatch so you can get an idea of what your final projects might look like, and a notebook and pen so you can keep track of your ice dye experiments. I set up my dye station on my patio, and …

messy play.

My friend Robin of Messy Play Kits makes the funnest kits for kids, and for grown ups like me. I tried out her bamboo soap kit. It comes with everything you need to make a blob of soap; just add a mixing bowl. Everything inside: cornstarch green dye bamboo fragrance liquid soap sweet almond oil instructions All the ingredients are portioned out so you just open, pour, and mix. It’s definitely more fun to use your hands to mix it all together. After a few minutes you’ve got usable play-dough like hand soap. You just pinch off a piece and work into a lather. I know this is for kids but I much prefer using the kits for myself for less mess. Ha! Robin makes other fun kits, too! ~ Slime-a-day kits, subscription boxes, all kinds of messy play!