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So…our floor lamp toppled over and broke. But it’s ok, because this macrame chandelier lamp project was in my queue. (Ay.) This project was a kit from the Crafter’s Box (now Crafter) by Modern Macrame*.

The kit included*:

You’ll also need*:

I won’t share the pattern here because it’s Modern Macrame’s design and part of a kit, but you can see it uses two basic macrame knots – reverse lark’s head (or you can use lark’s head) and square knot.

There is also a series of wraps (around the larger hoop) and basic overhand knots at key rope-hoop connection points.

This project took about 3 leisure hours including photography time (ha!). Hubby got excited because he thought maybe I was making a basketball hoop – and now I want to make one of those!

The first part of the project (along the hoop) can be done on a flat surface; then you’ll need to move to a hanging situation. It definitely looks like a basketball hoop here.

If you’ve never tried a Crafter workshop before, I highly recommend to try one out. They do cost a little more than other online workshops, but they consistently dish out quality supplies and the instructors are top notch experts in their craft. The workshops are all self-paced, and they also host a live Q&A with the instructor during the month the craft is featured (and usually a fun giveaway for attendees!). And, they always have fun add-ons for those projects where you want to do a little something extra.

I mostly followed the pattern for this project and added a little extra fringe around the bottom. I’m not sure if I want to use it with the light yet (the shadows are low key distracting), but I am loving the dimming effect of the light cord (maybe I’ll make another project with the cord).

What do you see? Chandelier or basketball hoop?

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