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Chocolate dessert craft time! I purchased an Easter Egg decorating kit from Tiny B Chocolates in South San Francisco. The kit came with everything I needed to fill an Easter egg chocolate shell with brigadeiros!

Popular in Brazil, brigadeiros are like fudge bonbons. They are bite-sized pieces of decadent, rich chocolate covered in various toppings like sprinkles or nuts. The Easter Egg kit came with the brigadeiro filling, three ‘filler’ chocolates already in piping bags, assorted sprinkles and candies, and a handpainted Easter egg chocolate shell, plus instructions.

Look at these eggs! First, I filled the shells with chocolate, then used the different pastry bag tips to add texture with the yellow and red chocolates.

I rolled the brigadeiros into small balls and covered them with sprinkles. This got a little messy, but it was definitely the most fun step.

You can make about a dozen brigadeiros with this kit. I decided to decorate the eggs with just a few brigadeiros, so I had plenty left over for snacking. To finish off I dotted with additional sprinkles and candies. The kit came with cute bunny, carrot, and Easter egg shaped candies.

And…photoshoot. This is generally not the color scheme I’d go for, but it’s such a colorful crowd pleaser!

Happy almost Easter! What Easter treats are you creating this year? Share below!

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