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ice ice baby.

My friend Rebecca of Oodlebadoodle released ice dye kits last month. Remember when I ice dyed with Rebecca at Craftcation 2019? So magical!

I bought a few kits to try with my fam, and we scheduled a Mom’s Day virtual hangout. My Sister chose the Mushroom in the Mist color palette: sapphire blue, glacial blue, shiitake mushroom, tangerine, and mist grey. I picked out the the Playful in Palm Springs pack for my Mom (scarlet, rust brown, palomino gold, terra cotta, and moss green) and Snorkel in San Juan for myself (Caribbean blue, coral pink, emerald green, powder pink, and ecru). Each color palette is carefully curated by Rebecca. Here’s my kit:

The ice dye kit comes with step by step instructions and links to ice dye project inspiration. It also comes with a fabric swatch so you can get an idea of what your final projects might look like, and a notebook and pen so you can keep track of your ice dye experiments.

I set up my dye station on my patio, and I had two cameras so my fam could see my face and my hand actions. In addition to the kit, you will need ice, water, a table cover, a 2-5 gallon bucket (or larger), a 32oz microwavable jar, grids, and pans/containers to catch the melted ice, plus any additional fabric. I also like to have extra gloves on hand and a rag to wipe up any spills. (Pro tip: prep your rag to be dyed, too, and see how the dye takes!)

Here’s what I decided to dye: a dress (which I discovered later was not a natural fiber so it didn’t take the dye, sad face), a set of pouches, a mask (sewn by Rebecca!), a bandana (which comes with the kit), a napkin (used this as my ‘rag’), and a previously naturally dyed scarf that I thought needed more color.

Time to dye! First, soak fabric in the soda ash solution. Then, fold, scrunch, and manipulate the fabric. Add ice. Then dye sprinkles! A little goes a long way with the powder dye and I have a good amount left over for more projects. There’s actually enough dye in the kits to color a king-sized bed sheet set!

After dye sprinkles, my fam and I signed off of our virtual conference, because the next part was to wait for 24 hours to let the ice melt and allow the dye to settle into the fabric. 🙂

After 24 hours, we rinsed our pieces in cold water until the water ran clear and allowed the fabric to dry. And the big reveal! I love how each piece turned out. Do they remind you of snorkeling in San Juan? 🙂 I’ve never done that, but these do look very oceany.

I’m very excited to do this again, and with the kit, it’s so easy! You can purchase your own kit on Oodlebadoodle and get in on the ice dye fun!

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