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tiny hearts.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite crating holiday. Here’s a super simple DIY to adorn your home, your love day tree (that should be a thing!), or a gift.


Create tassels to your desired length and thickness (See tassel tutorial for detailed instructions.) Use a non stretchy cord for the hanging string. To attach to the heart, thread the two ends of the hanging string through the heart’s bottom point, front to back. Bring the two strands around to the front and tie a double knot.

Use a craft needle to sew the loose hanging string ends into the top of the tassel. Trim excess hanging string. Alternatively, you can simply trim the hanging string, or leave the hanging string as is and allow the strands to blend in with the rest of the tassel.

For the top string, cut a 12” piece of non-stretchy cord (can be the same cord you used for the tassel or a more decorative cord like Baker’s twine). Fold the cord in half and loop it onto the top point of the heart in a similar fashion as a luggage tag (or Lark’s Head knot). Tie an overhand knot and trim excess cord.

So cute!

Recap: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I could make these all day.

What are you crafting for Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day? Share below!

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