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i heart food. i heart puns.

I’m a sucker for heart-shaped anything, and heart-shaped food? I am all over it! Here are a few places you can find heart-shaped snacks to make your Valentine’s Day celebration extra cute.

you’re my everything.

The special Valentine’s heart bagels at Boichik Bagels in Berkeley are the size of two regular bagels and come in regular and everything. Perfect to share, or not. In previous years you could pre-order and pick up on Valentine’s morning, and they are doing it again this year!

you have a pizza my heart.

One year for Valentine’s I baked a heart-shaped pizza. It was good but I enjoyed this professionally made one from Mountain Mike’s Pizza much more. They, too, are offering hearts this year. Also, I get a kick out of pizza boxes perfectly fitting between Bebe’s stroller handles.

rice rice baby.

Year-round the kid’s bibimbop from Bowl’d in Albany comes with a rice heart (and a dino nugget). The first time we ordered this for Bebe I was so delighted! This makes me want to serve rice in fun shapes at home.

you crack-er me up.

I first found these Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. heart-shaped crackers at On the Mark in Palm Springs, and I get excited when I find them elsewhere. My most recent find was at Mollie Stone’s in San Rafael. You can also order direct from their website (they are based in Fresno) or on Amazon*. Perfect with sweet or savory toppings, or on their own.

I also heard through the grapevine that Porto’s is doing a limited run of Linzer cookies with heart cut outs (here’s $10 off your first order*) and Cowgirl Creamery released Heart’s Desire, a heart-shaped take on their Mt. Tam cheese. I must find more heart-shaped foods! Do you have any snack finds to add to this list? Share below!

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