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macrame basics.

Use these knots and techniques to create unique designs for your macrame pieces.

Lark’s Head Knot

The lark’s head knot is often used as an anchoring knot to start your piece. Fold rope cord in half. Place the midpoint underneath the dowel in a U fashion. Bring the top loose rope strands over the dowel and through the U. Pull loose rope strands all the way through to tighten the knot.

Square Knot

To create a square knot, work four cords at a time. Using the first four rope cords, place rope cord 1 over cords 2 and 3. Place rope cord 4 over rope cord 1, under rope cords 3 and 2, and through the loop made by rope cord 1. Pull rope cords 1 and 4 out and up to create the first half of the square knot.

To complete the square knot, perform a similar but opposite pattern. Place the now rope cord 4 over cords 3 and 2. Place rope cord 1 over rope cord 4, under rope cord 2 and 3, and through the loop made by rope cord 4. Pull rope cords 1 and 4 out and up to create the second half of the square knot.

Alternating Square Knot

To create an alternating square knot, skip the first two and last two rope cords for every other row of square knots. Below, the first row has four groups of two square knots each, the second row has three groups of two square knots each, and the third row has four single square knots

Finishing Knot

Use a finishing knot to gather loose cords together. Create a ‘C’ with your rope. One tail will be short. Hold all the rope cords in one hand and begin wrapping all the cords with the longer strand of the C. Wrap 4-6 times towards the C, then place the wrapping strand through the C.

Pull the short strand until the C disappears into the wrapped part of the finishing knot. Pull both the short and long strands outward to tighten the knot underneath the wrapped cords. Trim loose ends.

Attaching a hanging cord

Double knot cord on each side of the dowel and trim excess rope. 

Trimming your piece

Optional: Trim and/or unravel rope at the bottom of your piece. 

Happy macra-making!

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