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crafty challenge.

This month I am a featured maker in the CraftBuzz Crafty Challenge. Over the last couple of weeks, five creatives (including me) have been sharing easy DIY tutorials on the CraftBuzz Instagram page. I hosted a tassel tutorial!

You can also learn how to create herbal bundles from the Rah Rah Collective, all about meditative drawing with Rae Miller Arts, furushiki gift wrapping with Bestowe Gifting, and tie dye with Crave Workshops. If you share what you make now through July 31 you are entered to win prizes from all of the participating creatives. This month’s Crafty Challenge benefits Black Artists + Designers Guild, too!

Here’s the companion tassel tutorial in picture form!

Materials and tools:

  • Yarn
  • Non-stretchy cord (like embroidery floss or baker’s twine)
  • Tassel tool (can be a sturdy book or cardboard, select something that is at least the length of your intended tassel)
  • Scissors

How to:

Hold your tassel tool in one hand. Secure your yarn either on the tool’s notch or under your thumb.

Wrap yarn around your tool (do not pull yarn tightly). I recommend at least 15 revolutions, but if you want a fluffier tassel, add more revolutions. End on the same side as you started (use a notch if you have it) and cut off the excess yarn.

Cut a 12-inch piece of non-stretchy cord. A thin, sturdy cord is best for this step. Place the cord through the tassel revolutions and bring to the top of the tassel (opposite side of where you started and stopped your revolutions). Tie a loose knot.

Carefully remove the tassel from your tool. Tighten the loose knot with a double knot. This is your hanging string.

Cut the loops. Trim as needed. This is a “wild” tassel. You can stop here or continue to create a “necked” tassel.

For a necked tassel, cut a 12-inch piece of cord or coordinating yarn. Tie a double knot where you want the neck to go.

You can wrap the cord/yarn around the tassel a few times to create a thicker neck. After wrapping, secure with a double knot. Add a third knot to reposition the neck cord/yarn as needed. Trim the neck cord/yarn to desired length.

Use the hanging string to attach to anything! I like adorning my felt pennants with tassels. To do so I tie an overhand knot with the hanging string, leaving a small loop. Then, I use a mini safety pin to attach directly onto my pennant. You can also sew the tassel on.

When filming this tutorial I created lots of extra tassels. What do you think of my tassel necklace? 🙂 Craft along and share all your tassel creations! Oh, and here’s a preview of our prize pack that you can win — a handcut Hiyee pennant and tassel kit curated by me!

Win prizes. Support Black Artists + Designers Guild. Be creative. All the good things! Are you participating in the July Crafty Challenge? Share below!

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