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Throwing back to a savory birthday cake I made for Hubby’s birthday last year because it seems like a great Springtime snack!

I’m always looking for savory alternatives for cake. We eat normal cake, but we love savory foods more. Plus, it’s always fun to try something new in the kitchen. One year for Hubby’s birthday I made “ice cream sundaes” but out of mashed potatoes and sausages. This last birthday: smorgastarta, Swedish sandwich cake! Instead of making one normal sized cake I made a few mini ones.

I cut out bread circles (and made cinnamon sugar toast with the excess!), then made fillings. Many recipes call for lox which would have been so delicious but I was pregnant at the time, so I found inspo for vegetarian fillings. I created three:

  • Roasted beetroot + dill + honey + salt and pepper + cream cheese
  • Roasted red peppers + Colby Jack cheese + salt and pepper + cream cheese
  • Avocado + lemon + salt and pepper + cream cheese

Making mini cakes allowed me to focus on one flavor for each cake. The fillings tasted good together, but I wanted each to shine.

Then came the fun part – decorating! For one I frosted it with extra avocado filling. Another got cream cheese but it wasn’t melty enough so it went on thick. And then I learned you can microwave cream cheese – that went on smoothly. It felt like I was frosting cake. I boiled and sliced eggs, used a peeler to cut cucumber nice and thin, and chopped up some chives for sprinkles. Little sprigs of dill added some texture, too.

Whoa, these were super decadent and cream cheese loaded. I can see how a larger cake would have a better balance of flavor/richness. I added more cucumber on the side to balance out the creaminess.

These are reminiscent of tea sandwiches and would make a cute addition to a Spring tea. Or better yet, create these for an April Fools’ Day snack.

Are you on board the savory cake train? Or is this too much of a mind game? Share below!

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