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seed paper.

It’s Baby’s First Valentine’s Day so we put together a little something for all his baby friends. Since babies can’t indulge in your typical Valentine’s sweets, I picked a non-food Valentine’s treat: seed paper in heart confetti form so friends can watch love grow all year long. (Aww, sweetness.)

I am a big fan of nature confetti – what I’m deeming as dried leaves or fallen flowers harvested from the same area where you will toss the confetti – so I am all over this biodegradable confetti! I found this seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks. It came in so many colors – I picked three colors to mix and packaged them up. Here’s how I put it all together —

I gathered:

  • Seed paper confetti (I picked hearts but you can choose other shapes or punch out different shapes from full sheets of seed paper instead)
  • Bag/pouch (I had 4” x 6” plastic bags in my stash. You can also source something biodegradable if you want to keep with the earth-friendly theme)
  • Tag design (I’m sharing a downloadable file below)
  • Cardstock (65 lb)
  • Printer access
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Stapler

Mix confetti and fill your bags with the desired amount.

I designed tags to fit my bags – 4 inches across and 2 inches tall (the printed tag is 4 inches by 4 inches). To assemble, print tags, cut with a paper cutter, fold in half and crease with a bone folder, and attach to the plastic bag with a single staple.

Since these bags were on the long side, I folded the top part of the bags down and hid the excess under the tag. If you do this, too, make sure the staple goes through the folded layers.

Package it up with additional goodies (like a cute heart ornament) and detailed planting instructions (taken from the Botanical PaperWorks website), seal with a heart sticker and a tiny name tag, and you’ve got yourself a fun Valentine’s greeting!

I might need to put this gift idea on repeat.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

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