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summer weavings.

I’ve been trying to weave more, but like watercolor, it’s something I find challenging to do at home because home priorities and other craft distractions. So I’m trying this thing where I bring crafts on the go. Plus I’ve got this super cute bag from Rennie that I’ve deemed my weaving project bag. I’ve been going to many tennis events this summer (yay Hubby!), so I’ve been bringing my weavings on the road and all of these weavings are named after the tennis match.

Last Regular Season Match.

The last regular season match was held at Alameda City College. It was so cold and windy (#bayareasummer) so I had my blanket (also woven!) and my weaving in hand. This is a nice place to watch tennis because they actually have spectator seating not blocked by a fence.

I use this as a sample for my Weaving Basics class because it demonstrates all the things I teach in the workshop: tabby stitch, rya (tassels), interlocking weave, and tips for adding texture. This piece measures 5.25 inches across (12 inches with dowel) and 12 inches long.


Playoffs were held at Arlington Park in my ‘hood. I held a birthmonth event here last year.

I love lots of color, but in my home I like neutrals so this is something I’d actually display at home. Here I’m playing with longer rya and shag (the fluffy patch). This piece measures 7.5 inches across (12 inches with dowel) and 16 inches long.


District Championships we’re held in Folsom, CA (same as last year) which means lots of heat, lots of melting, and lots of Thai tea. Mmm..

For the third weaving in this series: tabby stitch, two colored rya, color blocking, and soumak. Plus, found sticks. Thanks to Laura I have an unlimited supply of sticks. Huzzah! This piece measures 6 inches across (9 with stick) and 13 inches long.


The tennis team made it to Sectional Championships this year, and like last year, they were held in Monterey. Ahh, cooler weather. I love the layout of this tennis club, particularly the grassy hill area that overlooks three courts.

Here, I started working on a piece with more freeform weaving and asymmetry. I tried to incorporate patches of yarn rather than working traditionally from the bottom rows to the top rows. I did the soumak stitch accidentally backwards but I liked how it looked so I kept it in the design. Currently really loving adding mustard yellow, brick red, and grey blue into the mix. This piece measures 6 inches across (12 with dowel) and 13 inches long.l

Weavings look like dresses to me so I’m dreaming up a long-term weaving project where I create weavings to match my dress collection. I will keep you posted.

Have you been working on any projects this summer? Share below!

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