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lake loop.

Another 24 Lake Tahoe vacay! My parents drove up for their annual Tahoe trip; Hubby and I met them over the weekend. Here’s a peek at our whirlwind adventure!

En route we stopped at Rosemary’s Farm to Fork Cafe for avocado toast, chicken and waffles, lemonade, and tea. We also stopped for treats at Mahoroba Japanese Bakery.

And when we got to Tahoe, a homecooked dinner was waiting for us! And we found snacks in the pantry. QT ensued!

We woke up early to enjoy sunrise at our Tahoe home, but whoopsies, we didn’t realize the sun would rise more to the north so we couldn’t really see it break through from our vantage point. It was still pretty.

We suited up and headed to breakfast before the crowds at The Old Post Office Cafe. I’ m a sucker for biscuits and gravy.

And then for the first time, we looped the lake in one day. We weren’t planning to, but we just kept going. 🙂

We stopped every so often for nature views…

Fancy house spotting…

A craft fair…

Rocks and trees…

A coffee and snack break at The Morning After

And a sculpture garden and art gallery.

We detoured to Carson City for an early dinner at Thai Thai and picked up some bread at Paul Schat’s Bakery.

After a rest stop at the timeshare and some Mommy and Me macrame, Hubby and I headed back on the road en route home. This was my first time visiting during the summer so I can check ‘visit Tahoe during each season’ off my Tahoe checklist. I’ve also decided that late Spring is my favorite time of year in Tahoe. How about you? Travel to Tahoe much? Share below!

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