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yarn wrap.

A cozy yarn craft for Fall!


  • Wood ornament wreath – You can also wrap letter ornaments.
  • Assorted yarn – Try a variety of colors and textures.
  • Scissors
  • Craft needle

I removed the hanging string so I could wrap the entire ornament.

Begin by tying a double knot. Trim the tail to less than an inch.

Begin wrapping, keeping the wraps close together. I wrapped over the yarn tail to hide it.

Overlap yarn to completely cover the ornament.

Once you’re ready to switch colors, tie the first and second yarn ends to each other with an overhand knot.

Continue wrapping, again wrapping over the yarn tails. You can “go back” and overlap the wraps to cover any gaps.

Shortcut/style choice: double up the yarn and wrap two strands at the same time.

Once you’ve wrapped the entire ornament (you can also partially wrap the ornament – it’s up to you!) use a craft needle to assist with tying a double knot.

Then sew in the loose tail into a few of the yarn wraps and trim.

Reattach the hanging string and tie an overhand knot. You can reattach the string through the original hole, but I decided to sew it through a few yarn wraps. You can also use another piece of yarn.

Ready to hang!

This is a fun, easy way to add a little handmade to your home! Also, it’s a great way to use yarn scraps! Happy Fall!

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