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tennis tuesday: districts.

Happy Tennis Tuesday. Last time on Tennis Tuesday, I shared a banner I made for my Hubby’s tennis team. Today I’m recapping our trip to Folsom, CA for the USTA District Championships. Feeling real Tennis Wifey…

Districts were held at Broadstone Racquet Club, home to 22 tennis courts. This was my Hubby’s first time at a tennis competition of this level so we didn’t know what to expect. All we knew was the team would be exhausted. They had four matches scheduled in three days – even the pros get a few days off between each match.


As a spectator I learned how to properly prep for matches. Plus, I’ve been reading up on tennis etiquette. I’m still not 100% on the scoring, but I’m getting better at it. Luckily, you’re not suppose to cheer loudly in tennis so I can just pretend I know what is happening with slight nods and smiles. Shh, don’t tell anyone. 😏

Here’s my checklist for how to be awesome at tennisings:

Sun protection is a must!


Folsom is hot – about 20-30 degrees hotter than what we are accustomed to in the Bay Area. Giant hats and sun umbrellas were a must. After Districts I ended up purchasing an umbrella that had “UV protection” on the label to be extra sure that I’d be protected from the sun for future events. I should also add that staying hydrated as a spectator is also important.

Pick a hotel with a mini fridge!


It was great to stay in a hotel with an in-room refrigerator and microwave. We stocked up on sustenance and could easily reheat leftovers.

Pack all the gear!

Hubs packed lots of tennis gear. His tennis stringer, tennis outfits, …we hauled a lot of stuff but we were ready for anything!

Win the tennis and celebrate with signs!

Hubby’s team won all four of their matches so it was off to Sectionals for them. They were so excited to make it this far together. Since they won they were awarded USTA District Championship swag. They celebrated with a photo shoot and then dinner together.

Explore…or just rest.

You know me, I love exploring new to me places. During tennis weekend there was time for site seeing but it was so hot and we were so tired all we wanted to do was stay in the air conditioned hotel and rest. So that’s what we did! The most exploring we did was group lunches and visiting a nearby cafe. Mmm, foods. Also, frolicking and enjoying the tennis club fleurs…

Next week I’ll share my experience at Sectionals! Congrats, SPP!

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