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monterey munchies.

Hubby’s tennis team made it to Sectional Championships this year. They represented the East Bay Area in Monterey. All of the matches were held at Chamisal Tennis and Fitness club (like last year!). We didn’t get to explore much in between matches, but when we did, it involved food. Here’s a short guide to Monterey munchies.

Day 1.

On Day 1, Hubby’s team had back to back matches.

I’m not sure how they all survive off of protein bars and sports drinks, but here’s what we ate afterwards. Culturas Hidaldo y Oaxaca Restaurant: pinwheels, seven tacos, shrimp diablo, and cucumber lime aguas frescas. The star of the meal was the aguas frescas!

Day 2.

On Day 2 they had one morning match which meant we had a whole afternoon to explore.

We grabbed burgers at Bagel Kitchen (they ran out of bagels by the time we showed up) and headed to Lover’s Point Park for a picnic. Bagel Kitchen had already turned off the fryers, too, so we picked up fries at the beach snack shack.

Post picnic / when it started getting a little chilly, we stopped at Juice n’ Java for beverages. I had a chai latte (they make their own blend!) and Hubby had a smoothie, and we spotted TMNT in the local art.

For dinner, we found a rice bowl spot (Pacific Bowls & Rolls) and a boba spot (TZone), then met up with the tennis boys at a brewery (Fieldwork) to talk strategy for the last day of competition.

Day 3.

Rise and shine! We got up semi early to catch a little morning sun and views from our AirBnB neighborhood, and to pick up a simple breakfast at Starbucks. This was the first morning Hubby had time to eat a full breakfast. I had a fancy pink drink.

Last year, they placed 4th at Sectionals. This year, they pulled off a surprise second place! (“Surprise” because they were down three players!) They received special championship plates.

We celebrated over burgers and soba at Alvarado Street Brewery.

Three cheers for the tennis boys! And snacks!


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