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highlights and sneak peeks.

Happy New Year! I’m kicking off this year’s posts with a Top 4 highlights from 2022 + sneak peeks to some 2023 posts! You ready? In no particular order…

1. Reinstated (low key) birthmonth activities.

If you’ve been following along you know I enjoy multiple smaller celebrations throughout the month to accommodate schedules and to do new things with friends. Last year I threw a pastry picnic and a park pizza hang with a birthday white elephant gift exchange. Will definitely share more on both of these activities to jumpstart picnic season!

2. Attended online crafty workshops.

I miss in-person workshops, but I also like taking virtual workshops in my loungewear. Here’s a snap of my kit for a mushroom embroidery workshop. I’m looking forward to more creative projects for 2023!

3. Reinstated plane travel – with a toddler in tow!

I flew to Colorado for a work conference and brought the family along for the adventure. It was my first flight since 2019. I actually felt prepared to travel with Bebe, but I was not prepared for the cold! Check out this parka a scored at the local Target so I could go be a tourist in the Colorado cold. Looking forward to sharing more local and not-so-local tourist adventures with you this year.

4. Balloon arch tradition.

I made a balloon arch for Bebe’s first birthday, so I made one for his second birthday, too. Perhaps this is now a birthday tradition and also I’m low-key obsessed with balloon arch art now. I’ll share more on how we celebrated the big 2 and maybe you’ll see more balloon creations this year, too.

Here’s to more creative lifestyle projects for 2023! I hope you’ll create along. Happy new year to all!

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