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sunshine baby.

My Bebe turned one (ahem, in November) and we threw a little party. We were still (and still are) in keep-away-from-people times so we kept our celebration to just immediate family, but of course decorated like there was a crowd (why not!).

We went with a first trip around the sun theme to inspire the photo backdrop and birthday outfits, plus You Are My Sunshine was on Bebe’s top song list. I had two ‘major’ projects for the occasion: a balloon arch and a birthday cake.

Balloon Arch

I’d made a small balloon arch just to experiment with making balloon arches a few years back. Bebe’s balloon arch was a much more involved, larger project with over 100 balloons. I found a balloon arch kit online; it came with balloons, a long plastic strip with holes to place the filled and tied balloons, plus sticky dots (like Glue Dots). That plastic strip is a total game changer! If you’re planning a big balloon project I also highly recommend getting a balloon pump and balloon tie tool. Your lungs and fingers will thank you!

Once we got the base layer of balloons attached to the plastic strip, we hung up the arch on a tree with string and then filled in with more balloons. We had a balloon drop with the extra balloons, and everyone got to take a photo with Bebe and the arch.

Bebe’s First Cake

For Bebe’s first cake I used a recipe from Solid Starts (who I followed for all my baby-led weaning tips): a blackberry parsnip cake with coconut cream frosting. Blackberries were (and still are) a favorite so this was a perfect recipe!

I also love a recipe-excuse to purchase new cooking equipment; for this recipe I treated myself to a trio of mini springform pans.

The cake was a hit! And oh so very messy. šŸ™‚

And More!

My friend Rebecca laser beamed Bebe’s birthday sign and I scattered photo confetti throughout the backyard.

My Dad cooked the main courses (picadillo, pinakbet, pancit), my Mom was project coordinator (i.e., helped with everything and made sure all things got done), my niece and nephew were on photo and baby entertaining duty.

Oh yes, and we printed giant Bebe heads.

And we made Boomerangs while Bebe napped.

And lastly, Bebe’s birthday crown was from Flowerlane Handmade on Etsy. It is my absolute favorite accessory and I hope to use it for as many birthdays as he lets me.

I’m so thankful we were able to celebrate Bebe’s first birthday and our first year of parenthood with family! And that I got to make things! šŸ™‚ What is your favorite birthday memory? Share below!

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