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slangin’ crowns.

I tripled my craft show participation this year from one show last year to three shows this year. Ha! I will admit, as soon as I sign up for a show now I totally regret it because of all the prep I envision, but I’ve drastically reduced my SKUs and edited what I bring to shows. I also really appreciate the ‘me time’ at events – even though I’m chatting with crafty friends and customers, I also bring projects with me and get a block of time to create in a fun environment filled with other creatives.

In August I participated in Hipline’s Sunshine Shop and Social. I decided to only sell felt floral crowns, which I love love love to create. Hipline hooked it up with tables, chairs, linens, and umbrellas, so I only had to bring inventory and display items. I managed to roll up with a small luggage and a tote bag. I thoroughly enjoyed a 10-minute set up and 10-minute break down. And customers loved the crowns! I even debuted a new item: the ‘mini crown’ now dubbed ‘the bun crown.’

Then winter craft show announcements started popping up in my Instagram feed. I wasn’t sure if I’d participate in any this year, but I ended up applying for and getting into two small events – the Malcolm X Elementary Craft Fair (I joined this market a few years back when my friend’s kid went to school here) and the Phoenix Alameda Holiday Market (also a market I’ve done in the past). I felt even more efficient at these shows. I rolled up this time with a large suitcase which fit both my display and inventory, and a folding table. Even with my table it was a 10-minute set up and break down. At Malcolm X there was a bake sale fundraiser for the school, plus musical performances by the school’s choir. Such a fun local event!

At Phoenix, I set up shop in the same spot I set up last time I did their holiday event. What a nice area with the pop of color from the piano and the cutest comfy couch for me to sit on. At this event I debuted mini holly wreaths which I created because I couldn’t find the correct size red balls for my holly clips – just the mini ones. They did really well; I’ll have to make them again!

Here are some scenes from Phoenix. My neighbor was Amy of Bernal Burrow, and I ran into Alicia of Tea and Toast Soap who recognized me as her weaving instructor at a Mischief workshop. So fun!

I keep my display and inventory in the luggage now, and it’s ready to go whenever and wherever! Thank you to all who stopped by my booths to say hello, made a purchase, enjoyed perusing my crowns, and cheered me on from afar this year. I love being able to share my felt creations with you! I’m excited for the potential of some shows next year with super efficient and quick set ups and break downs. Yessss. Any suggestions for where I should pop up next? Share below.

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