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halloween watercolors.

Happy Halloween! I am fully immersing myself in all the crafting I can get my hands onto before Bebe arrives. This week I participated in two Halloween watercolor events, one with Michaels and one with Jenny Lemons!

Up first: Watercolor and Ink ‘Boo’ Art with maker Jess Park and Michaels. Jess specializes in watercolor, illustration, and modern calligraphy, and she’s based in Napa, CA. For this project she demoed the most kawaii Halloween characters and showed us how to arrange them so the images would spell ‘BOO.’

First, we sketched out our block letters. Then drew in all of the characters with pencil, then waterproof pen. I’m sure as you practice this more you can go straight to pen and skip the erasing part.

After cleaning up the eraser marks, we painted!

Daaaa, so cute!

And next: Ghostly Celestial Watercolor with artist Vica Lew and Jenny Lemons! For the third month in a row I participated in the Jenny Lemons craft night – I’m on a roll! 🙂

Vica showed us how to block out images with painter’s tape, how to use wet on wet technique, and how to get that space feel with watercolors. This ghostie was kawaii, too; he got some cute features after we peeled off the tape.

We used watercolor postcards for this craft (such a brilliant creation!). I followed Vica’s lead and also created a ghostie.

Between layers of paint, we sped up the drying process with a hairdryer. I pretty much only have a hairdryer for crafts.

Then we peeled off the tape and added the cute features!

For a second painting technique, Vica demoed how to paint a more organic frame. I went with a moon shape – my version of space looks floral to me.

Nothing spooky here – just a bunch of spoopy Halloween fun!

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Share, share!

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