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baby mama.

Being pregnant during a pandemic has it’s perks, one of which is people cannot touch my belly (why do people do this?). I also don’t like (typical) baby showers so this whole virtual thing is definitely my jam.

My Sister encouraged me to celebrate my pregnancy in some way. Since my favorite part about parties is planning them, she let me put together the invites and come up with the general feel of the event. I went for a Baby Mama Spa Night and we came up with a few select games together. Sharing my invite boxes here!

I put together invite boxes with chocolate and tea for spa night snacks, ingredients for a matcha face mask for our spa night activity (I was major excited to purchase a heat sealer to create single serving matcha packs.), a string of lights for spa night ambiance, and a notecard for guests to write messages for Bebe.

Invitations. I am old school when it comes to invitations. Go paper or go home. I found this design on Zazzle, and since I’m not a graphic artist I fully support purchasing a templated invite.

Ambiance. Twinkle lights bc twinkle lights!

Relaxing beverages. Tea Forte tea pyramids are one of my favorite teas.

Party treat. Chocolate from a local Berkeley favorite.

Matcha face mask kits. This might sound familiar, and it should, because I got the idea from my matcha face mask night with Yelp. I wanted to provide the key ingredients for the masks, so I found honey sticks and made single serving matcha packs. I also included recipe cards. I used a Zazzle business card template for the recipe cards complete with Bebe’s first photo.

Notes for Bebe. Our Bebe notecards are from A Jar of Pickles, a fellow East Bay maker. I liked the size, colors, and sayings! We stamped SASE with our custom address stamp – good thing we haven’t moved since our wedding; gotta get good use out of this thing! Plus, I used our Rifle Paper co collection of stamps. Ahhh, so dreamy.

Boxes. My friend was getting rid of mailer boxes and they made the perfect containers for my invites. I packed each box with kraft tissue paper.

How I put it all together:

Me in my element. I joked saying I didn’t even need to be at the party. My work was done.

On the day of, guests dressed in their best spa gear, and we played Baby Emoji Pictionary, Name that Tune (Songs with ‘Baby’), and Pregnant Belly or Beer Belly?. We also asked guests to rename themselves to their preferred nickname/what baby will call them. The best ones were Tita Awesome and Those People. Here are some of the spa scenes shared, and the cutest baby gift drop off pile!

Thank you to my Sister for producing this party, my niece for leading the face mask activity, and my nephew for playing DJ for Name That Tune. And of course, to our friends and family for celebrating the arrival our little!

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