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preggo halloween – part 2.

Preggo Halloween continues with a costume that IMHO never gets old. Here we go! With a simple fitted maternity dress you can accentuate that bump, Ali Wong Hard Knock Wife style.

For this outfit you will need:

  • Fitted maternity dress in leopard print
  • Red frame glasses (yes, these are my actual glasses)
  • Chunky watch (didn’t have one to complete the look, but totally optional)
  • Gold flats (I purchased ballet slippers so I could also dance in them after Halloween)
  • Hair ties and clips for a top knot
  • Red lipstick (I used a shade from Bare Minerals)
  • Nunchucks (DIY below. You’ll need thick black felt, acrylic chain, hot glue, a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat)

Yessss. I tried to be serious like Ali Wong’s comedy special cover, but it hard.

Let’s make a nunchuck! For this craft you will need:

Cut felt in half widthwise with a rotary cutter. You’ll end up with two 12” x 9” pieces of felt.

Hot glue the last link in your chain to one corner of one of the felt pieces. (The shorter side of the felt should be facing you; the longer sides on your left and right.) Glue one side down first and allow to cool.

Then glue the other side of the link and fold the felt over. Allow to cool.

Add a line of glue and seal the first roll. Continue adding glue to the edges as you roll.

When you get to the top of your felt, add glue across the top to seal your first stick. Allow to cool. Repeat with the other piece of felt.

Like so:


Halloween ready!

PS I’m already planning next year’s family costume (obvi).

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