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fall garland.

I made a Fall garland! I might be biased but I am obsessed with it! A combo of mushrooms, gourds, leaves, tiny flowers and hearts, and felt pom poms. Meep, so cute! And I’m going to share how you can make one, too!

For this project I used wool-blend felt and felt pom poms from Benzie Design, acrylic felt from Michaels (the green one), nylon jewelry cord from Blue Door Beads, a sewing needle, scissors, and hot glue. Pick your favorite fall color combos for your project!

How to: Mushrooms! Create mushrooms by cutting out mushroom tops in assorted mushroom shapes, mushroom stalks, and tiny circles. I like when the mushrooms look a little stubby so I lean towards shorter stalks. Glue the circles to the front of your mushroom tops, and stalks to the back.

How to: Gourds! Gourds come in all the shapes so you can cut any shape for your garland. Cut out curved gourd tips and a small leaf for each gourd. Glue on the tips and leaves with just a dot of glue.

How to: Leaves and other goodies. I looked up leaf shapes to get some inspiration for this garland. Pick your favorite shapes and cut a few of each in an assortment of colors. I also cut out a few tiny hearts and tiny floral shapes to add an additional cute factor.

Line up all of your shapes in any pattern (or non-pattern!). I like to position the leaves in different orientations so it looks like they are falling. Add the felt pom poms, too.

Time to string! Cut a piece of nylon cord one foot longer than your finished garland. This will allow you to tie double knots at each end for hanging. To start, tie one end with a double knot; this will act as the stopper as you sew on your felt pieces. Sew on each piece with one (for a small piece) or two (for a longer piece) running stitches. For the pom poms simply sew through to string. Finish your garland with a double knot, and space out each felt piece.

I created so many felt pieces I ended up making two 4-foot garlands, perfect for layering!

Happy Fall, y’all!

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