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makers gonna make.

I’ve temporarily closed my custom shop for my crafty biz to focus promoting ready made product, and also because Bebe is coming soon and there is much to prepare. Sharing a few last customs for the year. These were so fun to create!

Makers Gonna Make

My friend Melissa of Poppy and Honey Bee ordered a Makers Gonna Make wall hanging to add to her Feed the Fish co collection! And I made it in her biz colors. I love how she uses it as part of her Zoom background.

A Collection!

I love it when customers come back for more felt fun! This order went out to a long time fan.

She ordered pennants: A matching pennant for her little to match her older brother’s pennant, a Halloween pennant, a giant Unite pennant, and a teacher pennant. The tiny pencil and apple were so fun to make.

Plus a duo of wall hangings for a birthday celebration. I am loving the idea for including a slice of pie to the fall-inspired wall hangings.

Customs will return sometime next year, but if you ask me now, I will probably still take on your project because I’m addicted to crafts. 🙂

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