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beautiful beads.

Reporting from Blue Door Beads! This is my favorite bead store ever, and I’m one picky lady. Knowledgable and friendly staff, a large assortment of beads and findings, great lighting (makes for clear, creative thinking!), reserved customer parking (!!!), …. The list goes on and on for why I enjoy every visit here.

craft table.

I stumbled upon Blue Door Beads shortly after they first opened their doors in 2012. I had taken a pilates class down the street and discovered the bead store while walking from where I parked. I had to go inside after class! I was greeted by the owner, and little did I know she would make a point to learn my name. Talk about feeling at home…


Owner Sara and her crew are curators of lovely things. My favorite beads are anything gold, copper, or blush colored; Czech glass; and jade variations like these dyed ones:


I love making jewelry pieces that have a pop of color or that perfect bold accent bead. You can find all types of beads to work with here. Check out these designs…


What I also admire about the shop are the display items. As a maker I’m always looking to be inspired for craft show booth layouts and displays. I often find myself in stores being more involved with the cabinetry than the product itself only to find out they are not for sale. I love how Blue Door Beads finds old items and gives them new life. Vintage corn bread pans, scone pans, drawers…


Do you DIY your own bead pieces? What kinds of things do you like making? What are your favorite types of beads or findings? Share below!


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