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brick stitch.

I’ve been wanting to take brick stitch with Michelle Feileacan of the Sugar Pond for a while now. She was scheduled to teach at Craftcation 2020 and I actually got into one of her classes, but alas, with the cancellation of the event, so came the cancellation of my craft dreams. (Lol, dramatic.)

She recently taught with Craft + Work so I was excited to be able to support a fellow maker and one of my fave craft studios! Michelle sent us a trio of bead colors, needles, wax, thread, earring hooks, and a foam sheet, plus a pattern. These beads are tiny, but apparently people like to use even tinier beads for brick stitch.

Michelle taught us a couple of techniques for starting and stopping our pieces, and guided us through her pattern. I asked lots of questions and learned so much!

Essentially, you sew through each bead in a way that allows them to rest next to another bead. I messed up the pattern on my first earring, but it was too much trouble to take apart to fix. So instead, I made the same mistake in the second earring so they would match. Instead of a circle, I made a moon shape!

If you can believe it, there are no knots in this piece. This was another one of those feeling confident in using beading string moments. After I finished the pair, I had a photoshoot with my plants. 🙂

I love them! I must set aside some time to make more of these. Thank you to Michelle for sharing all the secrets and to Craft + Work for hosting!

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