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art deco.

I recently discovered that Michaels hosts free online craft workshops and demos. I signed up for a few jewelry classes that caught my eye. The first was this art deco necklace taught by Danielle Wickes of John Bead.

The workshops come with handouts and access to the recording afterwards; you just need to to supply your own materials. In each jewelry class, the instructor features a product that Michaels carries, so their suggested materials list has all the items that you can buy at Michaels (but you can purchase from other places, too, of course). This class featured John Bead Superduo Two-Hole Czech Glass Beads.

I’ve always been curious about “weaving” with beads and working with beads with two holes. This project involved both. Danielle went thru the steps pretty quickly for this project. It’s definitely worth it to watch the demo first and then attempt the project later with the recording. I tried to keep up as much as I could and then finished the rest after the class.

Not only did I learn bead weaving and how to use two-holed beads, this was also my first time working with bead string and actually feeling confident that the piece was secure. And, it was also my first time using hard beading needles – big fan! For this project I ran out of one of my beads for the ‘strap’ so I ended up swapping colors for the other strap. Can you tell? Not bad for a first try.

I definitely want to create more pieces like this. There’s an earring workshop, too, with the same instructor and a similar design that I’d like to attempt. Stay tuned. Have you dabbled in bead weaving? Share some of your favorite projects!

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