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Since we’re celebrating the physical distancing / non-traveling to places way, my Sister and I schemed up a virtual happy hour to celebrate Father’s Day with the whole family. Here’s a delayed recap from my Father’s Day Happy Hour, but note it’s never too late for a happy hour idea!

I sent a paloma cocktail kit from The Epicurian Trader (they have a few to choose from!) to my Dad so he would have all necessary ingredients. It turned out he already had everything (I should have known!), but now he just has more fun ingredients to play with. Hubby and I gathered ingredients for the non-alcoholic version, the palomita. My Sister gathered items for her household, too.

To make the celebration a little more extra, I created a Father’s Day sign and sent a matching one to my Dad so it was like we were in the same room. Plus honeycombs because those are always a good celebration idea! Who needs a virtual backdrop when you can create your own? 🙂

The plan was to create and enjoy our tasty beverages together, but my Dad totally got a head start so he could enjoy his celebrations longer. 🙂 For the non-alcoholic version we used grapefruit juice, lemon juice, sparkly water, and agave; rimmed with salt (we used the vanilla bean sea salt from Oaktown Spice Shop); and garnished with grapefruit slices. I love how the grapefruit was comically large on our serving vessels.

Also, we added boba because we had it and wanted to add some extra sweetness. This drink was incredibly bitter and sour! I’m thinking it would have been better with freshly squeezed grapefruit. Or, maybe next time, I’ll make the alcoholic version to balance out the flavors. 🙂

Hope your Father’s Day was grand and may all of your happy hours be plenty delicious! Share any of your creative cocktail ideas below! Cheers!

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