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I’ve been teaching crafty workshops all summer, and I finally participated in one as a student! I attended The Neon Tea Party‘s heart pattern friendship bracelet virtual workshop and it was the most fun!

Marisa, owner and creative everything of The Neon Tea Party, taught us two friendship bracelet knots, we created the heart pattern together, and at the end of class she reviewed how to read a friendship bracelet pattern. My mind is blown.

I don’t think I made friendship bracelets as a kid; not this kind at least (I remember lots of bead bracelets…), so it was fun to learn as a grown up. Also, shout out to all the kids in the class with their friendship bracelet making skills and bravery for showing face on Zoom. (It seemed like most of the adults were hiding. :)).

For this craft we only needed minimal supplies – two yarn colors, a pair of scissors, a ruler or tape measure, and tape or a safety pin to hold your project in place. You can make so many bracelets with just two rolls of this Omegacryl yarn! (PS These make the best pomtass, too!)

Look, my first heart!

I took lots of notes to remember this heart pattern, because whoa, friendship bracelet patterns will take some practice to read.

I am so excited for this bracelet! You can make your own with supplies from The Neon Tea Party shop and instructions from their tutorial page. Plus, they’ve got lots of other project inspo and virtual workshops to keep you creative all summer.

Thank you, Marisa, for such a fun class! Did you make friendship bracelets as a kid? Or do you make them currently? Share your favorite patterns!

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