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spice girl. 

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna really, really, really wanna…go to Oaktown Spice Shop and buy all the things. 😋

I’ve heard lots of great things about the Oaktown Spice Shop, and it lives up to the hype, y’all! If you weren’t a fan of cooking before, this has to be the store that turns you. There are so many kinds of cinnamons, peppers, salts, vanillas, herbs, and spice blends…so much inspiration everywhere. It’s like the Berkeley Bowl of spices. #eastbaylove

The aroma is rich. As soon as you walk in you will be enrobed in a patina of fine spice dust. Mmm. You can purchase individual bags or jars of spices, or pick up a prepackaged gift box – think curry blends, BBQ rubs, or chai time mixes.

Aside from the quality products, I love the displays of jars and baggies. Don’t you wish your spice cabinet could look like this?


This is definitely a stop for locals and tourists alike. We left with Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla extract, tamarind paste, extra hot cayenne pepper, ginger crystals, and a kebab gift pack for my Daddy (shh, don’t tell him).

What are some of your favorite spices to cook with? I must know! Share below. 


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