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I created this macrame piece for Craftcation 2020; my friend Rebecca and I were going to host a community weaving project and use this as the base for the weaving. But Craftcation was cancelled, so I continued the weaving on my own.

For the macrame base I used a 3 foot dowel and 48 strands of 12-foot rope, plus more for hanging. From top to bottom, I included Lark’s head knots, square knots, double half hitch knots, ‘loops,’ and finishing knots.

Check out my fiber arts station – it’s a bike rack. 🙂

For the weaving I stuck with using roving and super thick yarn so it would fill in the gaps nicely. First mustard, then some white, then lots of earthy colors leftover from my soap felting project. And then I filled in the rest with white. I used variations on tabby stitches and soumak weave.

Since this project was quite large and I wasn’t working in straight lines, I found it best to work in sections. Also, the roving is delicate and passing through the rope too much often resulted in it coming apart, so I found it helpful to work with shorter strips in smaller sections.

I love how fluffy this looks, and how some of the rope peeks through.

Look; it’s giant! This was my first macraweaving piece and I definitely want to create more. So. Fun.

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