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I felted soap!

I’m quite the soap collector. I love buying locally made soaps when I travel, and when I stay in hotels I’m a big fan of taking the daily soaps. I grew a collection so I decided to share the goods and create some felted soap for gifting. The felt acts like a loofah!

The process is quite simple For this project you will need: bar soap, wool roving, pantyhose foot, draining rack, warm and cold water, and a bowl (optional).

I read that merino and alpaca wool roving works best for this project. I went with merino because I found that it comes in many more colors and is less expensive than alpaca wool.

Wrap each bar with small pieces of roving, wrapping in different directions. Then, working one bar at a time, enclose the wrapped soap tightly in a pantyhose sock so it’s completely covered.

Dip the soap in a bowl of warm water and rub the soap in different directions for 1-2 minutes. The idea here is that the roving fibers will interlock with one another as it is rubbed. Rinse off suds with cold water. You may need to add another layer of roving and repeat this step if the soap peeks through the roving or if the roving is not sticking.

Allow the soap and roving to dry completely, at least overnight. If you want to be extra fancy, you can create and attach designs to the dried soap with a felting needle (and block).

I gifted most of my felted soaps for Galentine’s day. I packaged them in metallic blue bags and inserted a Galentine’s note: You are soap-er special to me!

Yay! So fresh and so clean, clean.

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