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birthday hoops.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! Also, Trolls World Tour comes out tomorrow on demand and I’m totally going to watch it because I’m turning 4 (x9)! I made some colorful hoops for the occasion (birthday/Trolls watch party). You can make some, too.


  • Streamers (you can also use ribbons or yarn)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Embroidery (or other) hoop (I used the inner hoop for this project)
  • Scissors
  • String (for hanging)

Cut strips of streamer paper however long you wish. You’ll use about 1 inch of each strip to wrap around the hoop.

Attach crepe paper strips with double-sided tape. I placed tape on the edge of the paper strip, wrapped around the hoop, and taped onto the paper, versus taping onto the hoop. This was a personal preference, so I could shift the paper strips around as I put the hoop together.

Add paper strips until the whole hoop is covered.

Add four ties equidistant around the hoop. Then, tie the four strands together to form a loop for hanging.

Hang and celebrate!

Can you imagine a whole room full of these? Would be so pretty. Happy making! And let me know if you’re watching Trolls tomorrow, too!

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