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weave along.

This past weekend I hosted my first workshop on the interwebs (on Instagram!), and it was so cool because people actually joined me and crafted along! It was a free class, but I sold weaving kits complete with Crafterateur loom and assorted yarn for those who needed materials.

Class was two and a half hours. I demonstrated a weaving from start (setting up the loom) to finish (adding a stick and hanging), and shared tips and tricks along the way. I also took questions as much as I could, but it was definitely a different experience not being able to see my students during class. Here’s the piece I worked on, plus some of the weaving stitches and techniques I shared.

And here are some of the in-progress and finished works from makers across the state and nation! Tap through for weaving/photo credits; I’ve tagged all the makers’ Instagram handles.

Thank you to everyone who joined my first online workshop! As a bonus I’ve recorded a few low-budget videos so you can craft along, too. Happy creating!

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