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easter baskets.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared an Easter basket with you yet, just egg ideas. So here we go! Same rules apply when I’m making gift baskets for Easter: I love using containers that can be repurposed, finding local goodies / shopping small, and including something handmade.

I had these rope baskets in my collection (you could say I have an addiction) that I thought would make the perfect size gift baskets for Easter. To Easter-fy them I added felt eggs. Since I wanted the recipients to be able to reuse the basket not just for future Easters, I attached the eggs onto the baskets like luggage tags versus glueing them on permanently.

Here’s the easy how-to to create the felt eggs: Stiffened felt works best. Cut out egg shapes (it helps if you first cut out a rectangle to act as a shape guide). Cut out stripes, zig-zags, triangles, circles – any shapes for egg decorating. Glue shape decor onto eggs (I used hot glue). Trim excess felt.

Now to fill the baskets! I decorated a bunch of plastic eggs to look like roses, succulents, zinnias, and carrots, and I filled them with some of my favorite classics in Easter form.

I did a little shopping local (it’s so important to support your local businesses, now more than ever!), adding goodies from Rare Bird (cute butterfly gummies and dragon egg candies for the win!), The Little Red House (the bunny illustrations in washi tape, sticker, and button form are perfect additions to an Easter basket!), and Lighten Up Shoppe (their green green grass soy candles smell fresh like spring!).

And fill! I used an Easter crinkle paper mix from Target to get everything snug inside the basket (especially since I’m shipping these to my fam; hmm, I hope they’re not reading this right now…). Everyone’s Easter basket garden looks a little different, but each is filled with so much fun stuff! I also sprinkled in some felt carrots I made a few Easters ago.


Happy early Easter! Do you make Easter baskets for your loved ones, too? Share your favorite things to put inside (or outside)!

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