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egg hunt: succulents.

I’m sticking with a plant theme for this year’s egg hunt (Did you catch the first one?). Egg #2 for 2020 is a succulent Easter egg! You might remember my cactus eggs from last year; this one is a total felt upgrade!

For this craft you will need:

  • Plastic eggs
  • Felt in succulent colors, plus flower colors of choice
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue

Cut out succulent leaves. I like to cut out rectangles and cut the shape out two at a time. Succulent leaves can take on any shape; I went with teardrops in different sizes. You will need between 18-30 leaves for each egg, depending on how many rows of leaves you want, and how far apart you space each leaf. For a fuller succulent, use more leaves.

Begin glueing on the smaller leaves to the top of the egg, and work your way to the larger leaves. Add hot glue to the bottom of a leaf and attach to the egg. Create one row of leaves around the egg by overlapping leaves. Add a second row, and an optional third row, making sure to only attach leaves to the top half of the egg.

Do the same for the bottom half of the egg, making sure not to get glue on the last row of leaves on the top half of the egg. That way, you can still use the egg as an Easter egg!

I was going for succulent, but the eggs started looking more like artichokes at this point, so I added a felt flower. Cut fringe into a small rectangular piece of felt, roll, and glue sealed. Cut petals with the same technique as above; I went with a heart shape. Glue petals around the fringed center.

Glue flowers to the top of the eggs. Add treats and enjoy!

Are you busy prepping for Easter celebrations? Share your Easter craft stories below! And find more Easter egg ideas here.

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