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carrot egg.

This year’s Easter eggs are disguising themselves as carrots!

Materials + tools:

  • Orange yarn
  • Green yarn
  • Plastic eggs
  • Hot glue
  • Fork
  • Scissors

Step 1: Wrap egg with orange yarn.
Work with the egg open. This helps with holding the egg and also ensures you won’t glue the egg shut.

Begin by glueing the end of the yarn to the top of the egg. This will be the bottom of your carrot. Glue and wrap a coil then work your way up the egg. Once you get to the top half, continue to glue and wrap the yarn. Snip the excess yarn. Take your time with this process and glue little by little.

Step 2: Create mini tassels or pom poms.
Forks are great for creating mini tassels and pom poms.

For the tassel, wrap the green yarn around the fork 5-10 times. Insert a 6-inch piece of yarn between the first and second tines and tie tightly. Remove yarn from the fork, cut the loops on the longer end and trim as needed.

For a pom pom wrap the green yarn around the fork ~50 times. Insert a 6-inch piece of yarn between the second and third tines and loosely tie. Carefully remove yarn from the fork. Tie a double knot, flip the pom pom over and tie another double knot as tight as possible. The pom pom should look like a donut (without a hole) at this point. Cut all the loops and trim until you get the shape you like.

Step 3: Attach the topper to the carrot.
Attach a tassel or a pom pom to the top of the carrots with hot glue. Remember: the top of the carrot is the bottom of the egg.



Excited to fill these with some treats!


Before and after:

Ready for Easter? Best hop to it! 


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