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ring dishes.

For our fifth annual Hearts and Crafts Valentine’s celebration at work we made ring/catch all dishes out of air dry clay. We celebrated early to allow the air dry clay to dry in time for Valentine’s day gifting.

To set the crafty mood, we decorated with paper fans and honeycombs, a felt ball garland, and heart balloons (leftover from Hubby’s tennis bday!). My friend and I made a snack plate and guests brought additional goodies to share.

All set up for the craft! I also made kits for my coworkers who were out sick (it’s flu season!).

Look at all the fun creations my coworkers made! Someone even made a rat (for Lunar New Year)!

Here’s the how-to for the marbled effect. You will need: air dry clay, hard surface, parchment paper, circle shape guide and Xacto knife (or cookie cutters), rolling pin or glass jar, paint markers, decoupage glue and brush (optional), and stamps (optional).

I explored the interwebs for the best air dry clay and found Maqaroon’s super helpful air dry comparison video. I ordered Hearty clay from Snap Jewelry Shop on Etsy.

Choose a variety of colors for your dish. Roll each piece into narrow logs.

Stack the logs and smoosh them together. Twist the clay; fold it.

Continue to manipulate the clay so the colors start to marble.

Flatten with a rolling pin or similar object (I used a glass jar/candle!) until your clay is 1/4 inch thick.

Use something circular as a guide to cut your ring dish. I grabbed a small plant pot. You can also use cookie cutters.

Cup the clay in one hand and begin shaping the dish so there is a slight lift on the perimeter.

Use a paint marker to add a gold (or other color) finish. Let it dry for 24-48 hours. You can seal your ring dish with decoupage glue when the clay has completely dried. I recommend sealing your dish if you think it will get wet; the colors will bleed if not sealed.

Tahdah! Are you making special Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorites? Share below!

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