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mini envelopes.

Valentine’s is just around the corner. Here’s a super quick paper envelope DIY for the occasion (or any occasion!). For this craft you will need: paper, paper cutter, bone folding tool (or similar), and glue.

Cut paper into a square, any size works. I cut out 5″ squares to form ~3.5″ by 2″ envelopes. Fold paper in half diagonally, open, fold in half diagonally the other way, and open. This creates guidelines. Use a bone folder to create crisp lines.

Fold the left and right corners into the midline. Fold the bottom corner up, not quite to the midline.

Fold the bottom ‘corners’ up, aligning the edges with the tip of the bottom corner. Add glue to the left and right flaps. Fold up to seal.

Write a mini note. Fold the top flap to complete the envelope. Optional: add stickers or other decor to your envelope.


Happy Valentine’s crafting!

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