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burning man.

The Oakland Museum of California curated an exhibit called “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man.” Since I had many unanswered questions about Burning Man (like, what is it exactly?) and I have no plans to go to Burning Man in my lifetime (I don’t do camping), this was the exhibit for me!

There are no spectators at Burning Man because everyone is a participant. The 10 Principles of Burning Man sums up the experience quite nicely.

The exhibit begins with Burning Man origin stories and fashion!

Then, lots of art! There were video visuals, a sound bath/performance, photography…

My most favorite piece were these origami mushrooms that expand and contract with human interaction (participants step on a pad to activate the mushroom!).

Gifting is one of the Burning Man principles. There was a creative station where you could create a gift (we made dinosaur jewelry with Ace Monster Toys), place it in the Gift-o-Matic (super cool, btw), and you can take one gift in exchange (my friend got a beaded bracelet and I got a decorated laser cut piece).

More on those mushrooms (Shrumen Lumen!) made by FoldHaus Art Collective in Palo Alto, California. They are so amazing and colorful and brilliant!

Me. So excited.

There was a mobile movie theater, silent film, …

…giant cardboard structures, a dragon car made with baking equipment…

And ok, maybe I lied. The huge geometric lantern by HYBYCOZO – THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. And mesmerizing in person.

Outside of the exhibit hall, there were wood installations, including a temple where you could write or draw in memory of a loved one.

Imagine all of this but on a bigger scale out in the desert heat with thousands of people!

We were here. We left no trace. I know what Burning Man is now. Are you a Burner? Tell me about your Burning Man experience!

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