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I visited the Oakland Museum of California to check out their latest exhibit: “Respect: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom.” I hadn’t visited in a number of years, but I remember really liking my last visit because they curate exhibits that speak to local experiences and they do a great job creating interactive experiences.


There was a lot of soul, storytelling, and local love in the Hip-Hop exhibit. They showcased Hip-Hop’s influence on fashion, art, and – crafts? For real, real –  look at this tapestry!


When you think of “Hip-Hop” you might only think “music” but Hip-Hop is also

a platform


a culture, an identity


…grafitti art

a lifestyle


all the Bs




creativity, talent



knowing who you are and telling your story

making an impact


Who knew you could dedicate a whole exhibit to Hip-Hop! PS, yes, they also had boom boxes and turn tables on display.


There was also an interactive element where you could dance, flow, and practice your DJ skills. (Which I totally would have done if I wasn’t a germaphobe – communal headphones, ah!) My favorite part was the video of Blackalicious performing “Alphabet Aerobics.” The words were shown on the adjacent screen so you could (try to) follow along.

Hip-Hop, don’t stop.

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