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winter lewk.

Happy New Year! I’ve got woodsy winter felt flower crown feels so I’m kicking off the New Year with a woodsy winter felt flower crown DIY!

Materials for this project:

  • Felt in assorted greens, blues, mustard, grey, and brown – I like to use wool-blend felt for wearable felt items
  • Felt balls for flower centers and adornments
  • Floral wire cut into 6-inch pieces
  • Fabric-covered floral wire (enough to create a crown base)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters

Create your crown base. Since I used floral wire stems, I twisted two pieces onto each other.

Make leaves. I cut out different leaf shapes. For the left and middle shapes, you can attach each to a piece of wire by laying the leaves flat on the wire or by pinching the leaves in half, giving the wire a ‘hug’ with the leaf. For the shape on the right, these can be attached by folding exactly in half or folding in half at an angle onto the wire. Add leaves to both ends of the wire and leave wire ‘blank’ in the center. This is the part that will be wrapped onto the crown base.

Make lots of flowers and leaves! I cut fringe for flower centers, ovals for flower petals, spirals for rosettes, and ‘fingers’ for rolled flowers. Details below.

For centers, start with a rectangular piece of felt. Cut fringe then roll and glue to seal. Glue on each petal one at a time, overlapping as you glue. Cut starburst shapes for the flower bottoms out of green felt. Cut a small slit in the middle, place wire with coiled end through the slit, then sandwich the wire coil with the flower and flower bottom, attaching with hot glue. I add one flower to each wire end when making crowns so you don’t have pokey bits.

Centers can also be made by first folding felt in half lengthwise and cutting fringe on the folded edge. Glue the felt in half lengthwise, roll, and seal with glue. These can also be stand-alone flowers.

For a flower without a defined center, begin by glueing one petal onto another petal. This will act as the flower’s center. Continue to glue on one petal at a time until your desired size.

Create daisy-like flowers but cutting ‘fingers’ using a long rectangular piece of felt. For these flowers I used the felt balls as the center and rolled the felt onto the ball, glueing every inch or so.

For rosettes, start with a circular piece of felt. Cut a spiral into the circle. Roll the rosette starting with the outside in. You will be left with a flap (the center of the spiral). Add glue to the bottom of the rosette and seal with the flap. Similar to the above, you can create starburst flower bottoms and attach the rosettes to coiled wire.

Now you’re ready to assemble!

Start with larger flowers then fill in with leaves and smaller blooms. For flowers and leaves on wire, simply wrap the center ‘blank’ wire onto the crown base. For loose flowers, sandwich the crown base between the flower and a flower bottom. Attach with hot glue.

Winter everything ready!

Hope your 2020 is off to a crafty start!

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