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ready, set, baby.

Baby shower alert! I co-hosted a baby shower for my coworker Kyle and his wife Stephanie. They are both avid runners so we went with a half marathon theme. The Party Planning Committee (what Kyle now calls Parties by Erin) went to town on details!

Registration, Waiver, and Bib Pick-Up

Upon arrival to the party, I greeted guests and asked them to sign the baby shower waiver. It read “I understand the Party Planning Committee is not responsible for any crafting injuries (including hot iron burns or paper cuts) or excessive carb loading (:ahem: sugar consumption). I will Baby Shower responsibly.” Upon signing, guests could pick up their race bib (actually a baby bib) for the craft.

Snack, Banana, and Hydration Stations

I made flags to indicate the registration / sign-in area, snacks and bananas stations, and the hydration station. We made the event a snack potluck. People brought fruits, veggies, hummus, cookies, chocolate, dolmas, ice cream – so many things! And we had a soda stream to make fun bubble water.

Running Signs

I created race posters to cheer on the parents-to-be, just like you’d do for runners along a course. Guests could insert their baby name recommendations, too, on the you should name your baby poster.

Sponsored by the Noun Project

All running races have a sponsor. I printed baby icons from the Noun Project so I told everyone they were our sponsor. I even printed out their logo for the backdrop! šŸ™‚

Course Map

I had an idea that we could create a course map based on baby’s life or the new parent life. I told my coworker Lanette and she ran with it! (Keke, ran.) This map had it all – diaper changes, sleep deprivation levels, ….

Running Bibs

Another idea we had to bring to life: baby shower racing bibs! Lanette created one for Mom and one for Dad. Read all the details! So clever!

Baby Bibs

Kyle is my star crafter at work, so of course there had to be a craft at his baby shower. What would be more appropriate than a baby (race) bib! We decorated with iron-on designs and letters – hence the mention of iron burns in the baby shower waiver.

Congratulations to Kyle and Stephanie! Excited to see the babe in all the bibs! Also, Lanette and I are going into the party biz. Who wants next? Also, also, baby bib how-to below!

Baby Bib How-To

It’s easy! I had seen this activity at many baby showers, but they always had fabric markers and paint for decorating. And the bibs (or onesies) always turned out, well, uggo. I wanted a fail-proof craft that people would be proud of making and that the guests of honor would actually like and use!

For this craft all you need are baby bibs (prewashed, assorted sizes and colors would be a good idea), iron on letters and images, an ironing board or towel, a thin towel (we used a tea towel), an iron, and scissors.

Cut out an image and place your design on the bib. Place bib on ironing board or towel. Place another towel on top. Apply pressure to the iron and move across your design slowly. Keep pressing for 30 seconds. Turn bib over and repeat. If your design has a plastic layer, allow design to cool completely, then remove the plastic. That’s it!

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