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pumpkin centerpiece.

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Here’s a quick way to add some homemade to your Thanksgiving table. I’ve been wanting to create a felt succulent pumpkin, but I hadn’t found the right pumpkin until now! It’s the perfect size, shape, and material. I was so disappointed in the foam/plastic variations I’ve seen over the years, and I didn’t want to use a real pumpkin for this particular craft because the felt would outlive the pumpkin. Materials: pumpkin vessel, felt succulents, felt for succulent bottoms cut into circles, wire cut into 6″ strips with a coil at one end, mixed berries, fabric scissors, wire cutters, pliers, floral foam or similar I can’t get over the pumpkin shape! I found my container at Joann; I almost bought a whole fleet. The berries were from Joann, too, and I made the felt succulents using wool blend felt (cut a bunch of ‘petal’ shapes and glue them to each other one petal at a time until you get your preferred succulent size and look). To assist with standing in …

succulent wreaths.

I debuted a new class at Rare Bird this year: felt succulent wreaths! I gotta say, this has got to be my favorite iteration of my felt succulent class. Here are some recaps from the first two workshops Set up: each station gets a grapevine wreath, a stack of practice felt, instructions to keep, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and a surprise goodie envelope (it’s got a lil Feed the Fish co keychain!). Plus there’s community felt, stencils, fabric markers, and samples. Inaugural class! Such beautiful creations! While they made their wreaths, I made a special request miniature wreath. In class two I had a sister trio join, and then it turned out that they knew the fourth student, too. It’s a small crafty world! So many gorgeous succulents! In this class, while students were busy crafting, I made a sample wreath for a quicker (smaller) version of the workshop. I’m obsessed! I’m hoping to teach this workshop again in the Fall/Winter. I’m also planning to create a few smaller wreaths to …

craft + work.

New maker friends Roberta and Abby of Craft + Work invited me to teach in their coworking space in Pacifica. During the week, this is their studio space and on the weekends they host workshops. Last weekend I taught my felt succulent garden class. New graduating class of felt succulent gardeners! And all the lovelies they made: I’m excited to be part of this community! I’ll be back in May for their 1st year anniversary celebration pop-up and in June to teach my weaving workshop!

felt marathon.

Earlier this week I hung out at Rare Bird for back to back felt workshops. First, I debuted a new project: felt flower wall hangings. I’ll be teaching this class at Craftcation 2019, too! And then I was back for another College Prep Intraterm session with my felt succulent gardens project. I taught this class last year and was excited to hear that they wanted me to teach for a second time! As always, my students are amazing and I love to see what everyone creates in class! Everyone’s project turns out completely unique to their style. Look out world, we have a new cohort of felt gardeners! And now it’s time for a shameless plug: Learn to create felt blooms and succulents with me at one of my future workshops. Check my schedule on You can also request a workshop for your private event!